Welcome to dannymahlonunderwood.com, the official website of International Poet & Author, Danny Mahlon Underwood.

Danny Mahlon Underwood is a member of the International Society of Poets. He is a four time Poet of Merit Award winner. A member of the ISP International Who's Who in Poetry and the author of a new book entitled 'A Look Into My Soul'.

'A Look Into My Soul', is a collection of 22 poems and an eight chapter short story, 'Shadetree Racing Team.'

This is only a preview of the upcoming site, which will be fully constructed soon. Meanwhile, 'A Look Into My Soul' is available from AuthorHouse.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other on-line bookstores. To contact the author send e-mails to mahlon@family-net.net. Thank you visiting dannymahlonunderwood.com, please check back as the site should be fully operational in approx. 2 weeks.